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31 x 3

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My friend over at RamblingRachel is doing 31 blog posts (for the month of March) where she writes about 3 things each day (because March is the 3rd month, n00b). Rachel is one of two best friends that I cannot remember not knowing because we've been friends since birth! She has a huge heart and is insanely talented. Love you, Rachie Roon!

I loved her 31 post challenge and asked if I could use the idea. Instead of posting daily, I'm going to knock out all 31 right here, right now. Booya.

  • Three names you go by.  other than Laura... Louie Dew (by my sis), Moosh (by my mom) and Moot (by my best friend Laurel)

  • Three facts about yourself.  I love Jeopardy. I make myself laugh. I have an incredibly strong sense of smell.

  • Three things that happened today. I interviewed a chef who has cooked for several presidents, I ate half of a Charlie's Cheeseburger for lunch and two minutes ago I cleaned up a shocking amount of dog poo, which was shocking in itself because Casey has messed in the house probably 4 times total since we brought her home from the SPCA

  • Three favorite songs right now.  "Blindsided" by Bon Iver, "All Around" by The Glorious Unseen and "Something in the Water" by Brooke Fraser (none of these are new songs, but they're what I'm listening to)

  • Three breakfast foods you enjoy. Cereal, bacon, hash browns

  • Three things on your current to-do list. Clean out and organize all closets in the house, finish my video editing job and figure out what we're going to eat for dinner since I forgot to go to the store

  • Three colors you like. Olive green, plum, navy

  • Three words you think others would use to describe you. Friendly, generous, funny (that was an awkward one to answer)

  • Three objects you can’t be without.  cell phone, lip balm, something to read

  • Three ways to win your heart. Ask me to spend time with you. Compliment me. Pray for me.

  • Three favorite movies. You've Got Mail, Little Women and the newer Sabrina are ones I watch at least once a year, but in general I prefer drama and war movies to chick flicks

  • Three appetizers you enjoy. CALAMARI. bloomin' onion. eggrolls.

  • Three places you’ve lived. with family in northern VA, with 11 other girls in a house near JMU, with my husband and pooch in Harrisonburg 

  • Three important people in your life. OK, other than my family, because there are 6 of them and that's not fair-- Laurel, who believes the best in me; Jenny, who has fostered my relationship with God; Kristen, who despite the stress and busy-ness of her life overseas, makes me feel special whenever we talk

  • Three things you want to say to three different people Andy- I think it's a grilled cheese and soup night. Amy- I miss you, can we please talk for hours soon? Kelly- thank you for reminding me that I'm not the only one who makes mistakes.

  • Three things that made you happy today. Being complimented on my story by my boss. Being told I was the best reporter my source has ever spoken with. Eating my leftover cheeseburger.

  • Three things you want to do before you die. Go on a missions trip. Become a mother. Travel overseas with Andy for a long vacation.

  • Three favorite TV shows. Top Chef. The Office. 30 Rock.

  • Three home-cooked meals you enjoy.  Cornflake chicken with whipped cream potatoes. Enchilada casserole. Chili.

  • Three things the world would be better without. OK, I'm going with a lighthearted answer on this one-- dust, semi-trucks, High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Three of your guilty pleasures. stationary, mochas WITH whipped cream, fashion magazines

  • Three things you are afraid of. not being able to breathe. scorpions (thanks a lot, "Hook"). losing someone I love.

  • Three places you want to visit. South Africa, New Zealand, Greece 

  • Three things you do before you go to bed. use the bathroom. read. use the bathroom again.

  • Three favorite books. the Bible (I mean that), Coming Home, Don't Let's Go to the Dog's Tonight

  • Three types of deserts you enjoy. Cannoli, triple chocolate cheesecake (the one at Barnes and Noble), ice cream

  • Three crazy things you wouldn’t mind doing. Sky-diving (I don't think it's crazy, some people do), P90x (okay, this is crazy, but I am doing it starting next week), eating something freaky

  • Three things you like about yourself. I make people laugh. I like that I like to read (I'm sad that so many people don't). I'm compassionate.

  • Three things that you look for in a partner. Humor, integrity, intelligence

  • Three life lessons you’ve learned so far. God's plan is better than my plan. It's more important to think of others than to think of yourself. A little love goes a long way.

  • Three ways you bid farewell. Cya :)  Good talking to you!  Love you!