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my valentine

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the two of us after our dinner date

Andy and I went to the Mill Street Grill in Staunton on Saturday night. We had a gift card, so the only thing we paid was tip. We only went 26 cents over our card!

We were told that we'd have a 45 minute wait for a table, so I suggested we try grabbing a seat at the bar. Two people left the moment we walked up to the bar. Andy sweetly told me that he wouldn't mind waiting the 45 minutes if I wanted to sit at a private table, but me, being a) all about eating and b) all about fun atmospheres, said I wanted to stay and eat at the bar. (Andy was relieved.)

I ordered stuffed artichoke hearts as an appetizer and begged Andy to try one. He has always made a big fuss about how much he hates artichokes and how he never wants to eat them, but the fried boursin cheese goodness combined with the artichoke smelled and looked amazing. I convinced him to have a taste and he went nuts for them. I love getting people to try new things.

Andy had ribs and I had a chicken caesar salad for dinner, topped off with slice of chocolate cake for dessert.
We stayed and continued chatting after the bill was paid. I was shocked to get in the car and see that we had been at the restaurant for two and a half hours! At home dinner lasts maybe 20 minutes.

I so enjoyed our date. I love you Andrew Scott!

I bought this on Etsy and framed it over the weekend. 
oh hey! that's us with the Tower Bridge behind us!