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baking tips

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three tips that changed the way my baked goods turn out:

1. Use baking soda that hasn't expired. No wonder all my cookies were coming out flat!

2. AirBake insulated baking sheets. Seriously amazing. I've never used cooking spray on them and all of my cookies come up easily, plus they are a cinch to clean (make sure you read the instructions for proper care).

3. Cool your cookies/baked goods on cooling racks. I follow the recipe's cooking time and take my cookies out when they are still soft to the touch, put them on the rack, and wait until they are chewy-tender. I've found that cooling my cookies when they are still soft keeps them chewy for several days.

Yesterday Andy requested that I make him some oatmeal cookies. We love oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and coconut, but this time I followed this recipe, which uses cinnamon and walnuts. Mine didn't turn out flat like many of the reviewers said they would. They probably were using expired baking soda!
Next time I make them I plan to chop up some apples and add them to the mix. Mmmmmm.

I've been thinking about these cookies all afternoon. I can't wait to try out the recipe!

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