Laura Rennie

living each day with purpose

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Last week I noticed that my brain had turned to mud. I was having a million thoughts at once but none of them were coherent or stood out from the rest. I was sluggish, cranky, sleepy and I couldn't stand myself. I wasn't able to enjoy time to myself because I felt lazy. My friend Jenny suggested I give myself more of a schedule. She said it's easy to fall apart when you go from having a purpose to your day to flouting around aimlessly.

Ding ding ding! Isn't it funny how the most obvious solutions are almost always never the ones we think of right away? It made so much sense. Last fall and up until the holidays I had very busy weeks. I had coffee dates, I was volunteering at church, I was running around town like a mad woman. I had to make time to work. Last week the only thing going on each day was work.

All of a sudden things turned around. After my meeting with Jenny I scheduled a coffee date. Andy and I went out to a movie. I had three more "dates" with friends. I had a meeting and a job interview. I started exercising again.

I have relished every lazy moment I've had this week. I don't feel guilty about watching television or reading for an hour when I know I had a packed day and it's okay to unwind. Today I'm taking my unwind-time now, because all of my activities planned for the day are happening in the afternoon and evening. I feel myself again. It feels great.

"Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment." - James Allen