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I fell in love with this guy from Kohls a week and a half ago, but didn't buy him because I had set a goal for myself to not buy anything other than groceries for a week. I also didn't think I should spend $18 on a whim, so I decided to mull it over.

I thought about this hippopotamus rhinoceros EVERY DAY all week long. I noticed that Kohls marked it down to $14.99 on the website last Saturday because they were having some special. It was the end of the week and I had accomplished by goal. I set off to Kohls, picked up my rhino and took it to the cash register. They agreed to give me the online price and all of these women flocked around and commented on how cute the rhino was and what an interesting piece and blah blah blah. The cashier put it in a bag and handed it to me and I leaned over to sign the receipt. My bag slowly swung forward and barely touched the counter in front of me. CRACK! Everyone gasped. The nose had snapped off! Another customer saw where the broken piece had fallen and I awkwardly laughed it off and said I would superglue it and walked away while everyone gave me sad faces.

I'm not exaggerating, by the way, about these other was so incredibly awkward.

So I called my mom and she suggested I ask Kohls to replace the hippo rhino. I put it off for a few days because I was still recovering from the awkwardness of the situation.

Today I went to Kohls and hoorah! They replaced the hippo rhino (I don't think I'll ever get it right) and the cashier very carefully wrapped it in paper for me.

He is now home and displayed on our new bookcase.