Laura Rennie

flashback friday: sarah

Laura R.Comment

I wrote this when I was fifteen. I was introduced to some people in high school who had experienced death and abuse at a young age. This piece was not based on any singular story, but a combination of stories.


little Sarah so scared and crying
doesn’t know that her momma is dying
her daddy won’t hold her he just sits there and stares
she can’t tell him she loves him, can’t tell him she cares
she’s only a baby, not born but yesterday
maybe her mom wouldn’t be so sick if she’d thrown her baby away
poor Sarah’s all alone, but she’s still glad she’s living
she just hopes that when she’s older her family is forgiving
her daddy had said if it was his choice they’d abort
now her mommy is gone and so is her support
who will protect her from the constant pain ahead
will anyone still love her once her mommy is dead?
what if her daddy still wanted his baby girl killed?
then perhaps his raging pain would be stilled
sarah lays there and listens to the screams
there goes her mommy with her hopes and her dreams
she was stupid to have fallen for sarah’s dad
unaware that having Sarah would make him so mad
he wouldn’t listen to her constant begging “no”
said that if she loved him that her feelings would show
how could she have been so foolish and believing
she never thought that his words might be deceiving
now look where she is, she was too young to give birth
gave all she had to her baby and now she’s leaving this earth
all Sarah can hear is her momma’s streaming tears
as she tries to be strong and forget all her fears
it just isn’t working, she’s too frail to go on
her last thoughts taken away with the dawn
Sarah knows that something is wrong
the only sound in the room is that sorrowful song
her daddy plays with the radio, no tears in his eyes
turns it off as people come in the room to say their goodbyes
they bend over the teenager who just lost her life
her only dream never came true- the dream to be a wife
why is this world so cruel to the innocent youth
maybe they’d stop doing what they’re doing if they were told the truth
so many of them never learn to have morality
they just say that their life is reality
what about Sarah, does anyone care about this child
they would if they had been watching when her mama smiled