Laura Rennie

don't shoot- it's my first day at work!

Laura R.Comment
A super sketchy dude walked into the newsroom today with one of his hands in his pocket. He had tattered clothes, a disheveled beard and shifty eyes. I instantly put my guard up. He asked to speak with one of the editors who was out sick, so one of the male news reporters asked him what he needed. The man asked, "What's your name?" The reporter said, "Can you please take your hand out of your pocket?" The man said, "I have something to show you, but I don't want everyone to see it."

By this point I was freaking out. I wondered how long before he would take his gun out and how quickly I would have time to react and what it would take to convince him not to shoot.

The reporter told the man he would speak to him downstairs and quickly called over the managing editor to let him in on what had happened. Both of them went to meet the man downstairs. I listened carefully for screams and gunshots.

A few minutes later both the reporter and the editor came upstairs. They were fine, though the reporter was shaking. Apparently the man wanted to show them two articles that I'm guessing he had an issue with.

Isn't it sad how suspicious we are of strangers? Scratch that-- isn't it sad that we NEED to be suspicious of strangers?