Laura Rennie

a belated 2010 year in review

Laura R.Comment
2010 was a lesson in patience, trust and contentment. It was a hard year, but I'm better for it. Here are a couple posts from each month--

January: I got a "big change" haircut and started working for Katie Stoops Photography and received an interesting job assignment

February: I established a list of things I love and things I hate and awkwardly quit a nannying job.

March: We found our current house, I introduced our pup Casey to the WWW and I made Faaaab-ulouuus (Oprah style) chicken enchiladas.

April: I shared a few things you should know and said goodbye to our first house.

May: I fell hard for the precious twins I nannied for and reflected on life since high school.

June: I told a muffin tale, compiled my first "little pleasures" list and went fishing with Andy and my sister+brother-in-law

July: I gave relationship advice inspired by Jake and Vienna from The Bachelor, wrote the most talked about post on my blog and gave the recipe for an easy salmon dinner.

August: I wrote a letter to Becca, showed off two of my favorite decorations and reviewed the movie Eat, Pray, Love.  

September: I learned the beauty of contentment and spent time by my Grandma's side before she passed away.

October: I posted pics of the lovely furniture I received from my grandma as well as my first furniture makeover and addressed one of Andy's concerns about having children.

November: What I consider the best parts of being married, an Amélie inspired description of Andy and of myself and the front of our house.

December: I turned 24, hosted my first Christmas Party,  had a grown-up Christmas and listed all of the books I read in 2010.

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