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flashback friday: Beckah's song

Laura R.Comment
A couple days ago I decided to start a weekly post where I will share some of my writing from high school.
Read the first one here.

Most of my poems and songs are from someone else's perspective. I wrote this my sophomore year for a guy friend who had just been broken up with by his girlfriend. This song is for Beckah.

Note: that line about strawberries in the last verse is KILLING me. It's supposed to be obvious that they share a memories of strawberries together because he kisses strawberry ice cream off of her mouth during a date. This is the hard part about sharing my old writings...I want to edit them!

Beckah's Song

Remember nights in Old Town, Alexandria?
Eating ice cream like we were kids again
I smiled at your messy lips
That begged me for another kiss
Drowning me in strawberry sin

My heart can’t stand this loneliness
Every night I make a wish
On the star that we named after our favorite TV show
I guess I should go home
Wait for hours by the phone
Missing the sound of “I love you”
(I love you…)

Remember how we’d stay up late
Going out on crazy dates
Or staying in and making out
On your Hello Kitty couch
Even with the lights turned out
I couldn’t keep my eyes off of your mouth

Remember when our star fell from the sky?
You hugged me tight and then you said goodbye…
Next time you eat strawberries
I hope that you will think of me
‘Cuz thinking about you makes me cry inside