Laura Rennie

December's little pleasures

Laura R.Comment

1. Ornaments- I started the tradition of buying an ornament each time we travel or go somewhere special. I have one to commemorate our engagement, several from our honeymoon, my travels with Laurel, etc. etc. Of course, sometimes I buy them simply because they are pretty. I do have a few corny ornaments but I like to keep the tree classy. Here's one of my recent buys from Pier 1.

2. Casey in the snow- how could you not love this face?

3. Christmas parties- Read about ours here.

Party at the West View house (where I lived junior year)
there were 12 of us and 11 of us are spooning.
the loner is my friend Kristen, who isn't much a of a snuggler
(but really it should be Amy b/c she complains about it more)
annual Shiloh party
this was junior year again...eww my braces!!
I was trying to look like a candy cane in my
Goodwill jumpsuit...womp womp.

4. Presents under the tree- all of Andy's presents are wrapped and under the tree but he hasn't bought me a single gift! My fault- I totally failed to produce a Christmas list for him this year. Normally I have a list a mile long. I think I'll ask him to get me a couple presents to unwrap and then shop together for the rest of my gifts. Here is something I found today that I'm going to ask for:
earthenware elephant from Z gallerie

5. Extra snuggles- Andy has had extra time off this month because his personal days expire at the end of the year. We've been staying up til the wee hours of the morning watching 24 and then crashing on our new flannel sheets. Snuggles are the greatest.