Laura Rennie

birthday necklace

Laura R.Comment
Andy has called me his puzzle piece ever since we met five years ago. I was so delighted to receive this necklace from him for my birthday!

I bought the rest of my presents myself starting back in October. I love having a December birthday, but it's hard to wait for cute cold-weather clothes/shoes. I also knew I'd have presents to open from my family, and they did not disappoint!

Despite being sick on my birthday, it was still a special time. Three of my girlfriends took me out on Thursday night to Byers Street Bistro in Staunton and my parents treated Andy and I to see "Oklahoma!" at the Arena Stage in D.C. last night. It was a knee-slappin', boot-stompin' heck of a show and we loved it.

Sure, I spent most of the weekend under multiple blankets with "Reading Lolita in Tehran," but if it weren't for the sinus infection I'd say that's a pretty great birthday!