Laura Rennie

a manly meal

Laura R.1 Comment
My sweet man put up with mostly meatless meals for the months of September and October. He complimented each new concoction of veggies and rice or noodles. No complaints. The meals were always flavorful and filling, but not exactly "manly."

Last night I decided to surprise him with a humongous plate of nachos. He acted like it was it Christmas. He's all, "what made you decide to make this?" BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, that's why!

I added a packet of taco seasoning to ground turkey and then baked tortilla chips w/ cheese and the cooked meat on top at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. I served the nachos with sour cream and fresh green onions. I wouldn't have minded some black olives as well, but Andy isn't an olive guy.

We both realized that we've never eaten nachos together. How is that possible? I'm kicking myself for not thinking of making them earlier. Next time I plan to have lettuce on hand to make taco/nacho salads. I also want to try shredded chicken nachos.

Somehow, despite the nachos, I still lost weight over the weekend. SCORE.