Laura Rennie

the best parts

Laura R.1 Comment
-snuggles. lots of them.
-sharing a ridiculous love for our dog
-praying together
-walking down memory lane (we have 5 years of memories!)
-making each other laugh at all times
-waking the other person up in the night if one of us has a nightmare
-being completely uninhibited, goofy, vulnerable and knowing you're still loved
-PDA. we're PDA-ers. Sorry, world. We're in love. and we're married. boo-yah.
- ;) ;)

I got the sweetest phone call from my husband yesterday. He called simply to compliment me and tell me how grateful and blessed he is to have me. That right there-- that is the very best part-- having love for someone and them joyfully receiving it.

this was taken shortly after Andy asked
me to date him with the intention of marriage.
Andy is 20 here, I'm 19.