Laura Rennie

an "Amélie" inspired post

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Andy Rennie is a good looking husband who can never escape the arms of his wife. He is a manager and fired people who did stupid things.
Andy Rennie doesn't like when the Bears lose or when his fantasy football team suxorz. When his wife calls to him from another room. Kesha. Peas.
He doesn't like being woken up.
He likes having his feet rubbed, drinking his coffee black, the smell of dinner cooking.
He likes Taco Bell. Spoiling the dog. Picking his teeth with toothpicks.
Andy Rennie likes to move by dumping things into boxes and then unpacking them later. He likes to brag about how efficiently this method "works."

Laura Rennie is a city girl who went to school in a country town. She wrote papers upon papers and now she has graduated and wishes she had papers to write.
She doesn't like public restrooms, the smell of Target popcorn or when she can't get water out of her ears.
She doesn't like cleaning the stovetop. When her toes cramp. Seeing someone she knows but forgetting their name. Discovering used toothpicks stuck to dishes, on the floor, in her bed, anywhere. Taking showers on a rainy day.
Laura Rennie likes reading perfectly inspired sentences. When a song makes her catch her breath. How the smell of fall fills her nostrils with crisp air.
She likes taking everything out of her desk drawer, taking inventory and then putting everything in its right place.

"Amélie doesn't have a boyfriend. She tried, but it didn't live up to her expectations. On the other hand, she enjoys all sorts of little pleasures, putting her hand in a bag of seeds, piercing the crust of crème brûlée with the tip of a spoon."