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happy day

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Today we went to Six Flags- the first time we've been to an amusement park together since we met five years ago! Let us give you a piece of advice: don't ever go to an amusement park during the summer. Late October is THE time to go. No lines, no crowds, no insane heat and very few children. It was a gorgeous day: clear and sunny and in the low 70's. We never had to wait longer than 2 minutes to get on a ride.

Andy has one rule about amusement parks: no buying food in the park. It's too over-priced. I was happy to oblige. A chicken sandwich was $9.99 and fries were $3.99! No thank you.

As we were leaving the park Andy asked, "Do you worry that I'm going to say 'no' to our kids too much? Like, will it bother you if our kids ask to get food at a park and I say no?"

I love my husband. I love when he asks questions like that because it lets me know that he thinks of our future children too. I love that he wants to be on the same page as me on everything, especially on parenting. I love that he wants to be a good dad.