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back to business

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one more note on my grandma::  a distant cousin of mine played the bagpipes at the end of my grandma's funeral mass and then again at her burial. instant tears. can music be stunning? yes. it was stunning. just like my grandma.

tuesday was a day of recuperating.

wednesday was Andy's birthday. we went for a hike in shenandoah natl. park and I made a huge pot of clam chowder for dinner. kevin and jackie got andy a blizzard cake and we had them and simone and dan over and andy got to argue with the boys about coffee and football. he had a good day.

today I prepped veggies for chicken fried rice that I'm taking to a friend tomorrow. I moved furniture around in the basement and created a second guest room and a second home office. I unpacked books from my grandma's apartment. I did laundry. I made pumpkin pie. I went to the gym. I cooked turnips for the first time. I had a good day.

It feels good to be back.