Laura Rennie

why am I writing when I have a million things to do?!!?!

Laura R.Comment
3 miles at gym- cried while watching Dr. Phil.

showered and got ready- almost cried again thinking about Dr. Phil

parked on Grattan St. and walked to Top Dog on campus- almost cried because each step to get there was so familiar and I wanted so badly to be going in as a student and not an alumni and the freshman looked like such babies and then my sadness/sentimentality lifted because the menu had changed and there are now dumpling MEALS so I got thai chicken basil dumplings with noodles and thai sauce and it was delicious.

now I'm home and I have laundry to put away and I have to pack for Rockbridge (going to a retreat center to chaperone the Aletheia youth group while we serve the JMUers there for the weekend) AND I have a jillion dishes and vases and wine glasses to put away because we got a gorgeous china cabinet from my grandma and my stuff is currently covering every square inch of my kitchen counters.

phew. well, I'm already exhausted (but thankfully not in tears).