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> our budget. I am currently unemployed, so my paycheck will no longer go towards paying off the van and adding to our savings. Andy and I sat down to take a long look at where our money is going and it's pretty disgusting how quickly things add up when you're using one income to pay for everything AND the car payment AND padding savings. At the same time, it's disgusting to think about how easy it has been for us to spend money.

> my days. I can't stand having nothing to do, especially when "nothing" = I could organize my closet, go through our over-flowing box of odds and ends, scrub the drip pans... stuff I may as well do but don't necessarily feel like doing. This week is the perfect opportunity to get those not-so-nothings taken care of.

> our furniture. Well, not quite yet, but soon. We're getting my grandma's dining room table and chairs, china cabinet and chaise lounge. Andy is beside himself about the chaise (truly. it's adorable) and has already come up with a new arrangement plan for our living room furniture to accommodate it.

> my diet. I haven't been this happy about myself or had this much energy since before last Christmas! I'm consuming way less calories than I was a week ago but I'm not having any issues with it. I haven't gone to bed hungry. TESTIMONIAL: Yesterday I only ate half of a chocolate cupcake. HALF. I couldn't believe it, either! Oh and get this: I didn't eat a single bagel or pastry at church this morning. I LIVED for Sunday morning bagels and pastries! It wasn't like I didn't want it, but the choice to pass it up was much easier than I ever would have expected. I did not want to go home and have all those calories and carbs messing up my so far so good daily nutritional breakdown.

> my fitness. Chuckle. I had the whole sedentary, maaaybe lightly active thing going on for a while there. It was pretty lame. Whenever I start becoming the definition of lazy (like my friend Ariel) I think of freshman year of high school and jogging two miles each afternoon for field hockey. I remember struggling with the distance and overcoming it by jogging/sprinting the straights of the track and walking the curves (according to a runner friend of mine that is a terrible way to build endurance, but it worked wonders for me). I remember how my body changed and how it didn't take long for my body to enjoy the workout. Now that I'm back in the gym I don't let myself leave until I've  completed at least two miles, even if some of it is done on the treadmill instead of elliptical. My body doesn't enjoy it yet, but it's only been four days! I'm trying to decide if my end goal should be to add speed or distance. Thoughts?