Laura Rennie

highs and lows

Laura R.Comment
- spent Friday and Saturday babysitting children that I've sat for since high school, which means I changed their diapers and now they are listening to the Jonas Brothers (maybe that part should go under "lows")
- received a hefty check for babysitting
- spent much of Sunday curled up with a book and endless cups of chai tea
- went for long walks with my mom 
- discovering how delicious plain oatmeal+1 tsp peanut butter+1 tsp maple syrup+a few crushed walnuts+cinnamon is
- got a free ipod shuffle 
- watched You've Got Mail with the cutest parents ever (mine!)
- was treated to a delicious lunch of calamari and hickory grilled grouper at Mike's American Grill, part of the BEST chain of restaurants everrrr
- iced mocha with my pseudo little sister Joanna
- saw the movie "The Switch" w/ my mom, Aunt Kathy and Joanna
- seeing my friend Chris the happiest I've ever seen him when I met him and his gf Emily at Barnes and Noble (location was also a high)
- my mom sent me home with a few groceries PLUS two chairs and a table for me to fix up

- runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, headache. all weekend.
- hormones. cramps. craving salt and chocolate 24/7 and (mostly) denying myself of them
- not being with my guy all weekend
- missing church because I felt miserable
- "Voices in Summer" by Rosamunde Pilcher (one of my fav authors) was completely predictable and rather dull
- not seeing enough of my daddy
- both of my grandmas getting older
- I forgot to take the hall table up to NOVA with me (I was going to paint it there)
- trying to figure out how to inexpensively make chicken enchiladas for my small group (which ain't so small) and deciding to buy beef instead and those enchilada kits....discovering when I got home that the kits come with ITSY BITSY tortillas which meant I didn't really have enough for everyone and THEN discovering that I didn't have my baking dishes because I had taken food to a friend's house and hadn't gotten my dishes back yet and THEN calling a million people trying to borrow me some daggone Pyrex and not getting through to a single person and THEN all of them calling back at the same time and THEN Andy comes home in the middle of all this and I haven't seen him in days and I'm torn between trying to figure out dinner and attacking my man, so then I took the advice of a friend (a High starts here) and gave up on the idea of taking enchiladas, spent a solid half hour snuggling and catching up with my husband and combined my taco seasoned ground beef with other people's "mexican" contributions to create a taco salad smorgasbord.