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a hard thing

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My grandma Jean (dad's mom) had a stroke on Saturday and she is not expected to live past this week. After I got back from Rockbridge (more on that later) my sister picked me up and we drove to Springfield together to be with grandma before she passes.

She looks nothing like herself and she can't speak. Her eyes flutter occasionally. She likes to have her hand held. I painted her nails this morning and my sister put decorative pillows around her to glam up her bed. We brought an ipod in and got classical music going. My grandma is a queen. We like to think that she can hear the music, that she feels pretty even in her hospital gown and that she senses being surrounded by friends and family.

I feel at peace about her dying. She lived life so fully and with such passion and I know she will enjoy dancing on the streets of gold in heaven. I don't like thinking of her not being around, especially for holidays. I don't like thinking that my children will never meet her. I don't like thinking that my dad will have lost both parents this year. She will always be alive in our hearts, though, and that will never change.

Surely goodness and love have followed her all the days of her life, and she will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.