Laura Rennie

august: in remembrance

Laura R.Comment
How is it September already? Summer flew by. As wonderful as it was to have sunshine after such a cold winter, I think most of us are ready for breezy t-shirt and jeans weather. Here are my little pleasures from August, without pics because I'm trying to make it short and sweet:

1. the movie Eat Pray Love 
2. our vacation in the Outer Banks
3. my new carmex moisture plus lip balm
4. getting a bag full of clothes from the lovely Katie Stoops (technically this did not happen in August. shh)
5. If You Lived Here by Dana Sachs
6. not buying stuff I don't really need. I don't think I bought anything decorative for the house, any shoes, any pieces of jewelry, any purses...I need to remember to tell Andy this!
7. going back to the gym. not really a pleasure right now, but eventually....

Now, on to September!