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she's going to start a new life

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Dear Becca,
Nine years have passed since we first met in Biology class freshman year! We've been through many milestones together: first kisses, prom night, high school graduation, beach week, first big break ups, going off to college, my wedding! We have giggled over boys, cried over boys, tried on each other's clothes and shoes, eaten a LOT of brownies and ice cream, complained about teachers (you and, laughed over embarrassing moments and most of all wondered aloud about the future and what God has in store for us.

You're moving to Boston at the end of the month to begin your Master's degree through the Boston University School of Medicine and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! You have worked crazy hard to get to this point. I know you will continue to give your all towards your work. I hope you make time to journal your thoughts, stroll through parks and museums and stuff your face with seafood. Well, I know you'll make time for seafood!

I love that I know you inside and out, and that you know me the same way. I love that I can come to you about everything and receive a listening ear and Godly advice. I can pick out zillions of memories of us together and each one makes me smile. My new favorite memory: our last day together before you leave. Going to Staunton Grocery and ordering fancy dishes and me trying to cut into my croquette and it FLYING off the table and landing with a splat on the floor and you practically falling out of your chair laughing. You chatting excitedly about starting a new life. Me looking at you and thinking of how far we've come. We never did toast our mochas...but here's to you, Becca!

I couldn't be more excited for you.
I thank God for you, and you will be in my prayers!