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head above water

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I don't think I have ever had to schedule time for myself. Time to take a breath. Time to not think about everything else. I've never had such a busy summer, either. I've gotten some great time with Andy, with family and with friends, but I don't count that as time for myself. My mind has been constantly racing with tasks that need completing, people I need to contact, events I can't forget just goes on and on and on and on. The commercial for Jello Mousse Temptations where the ad says "It's Me O'Clock" really annoys me, but I want a me o'clock! I would love to be able to think about all the things I have to do in a day and remind myself that at x time I had a date with an armchair at B&N. 

When I nanny I have time to read or watch television while the children sleep. It normally satisfies my need for "me time," but I've noticed lately that even when their house is quiet, I can't quiet myself! I write to do lists or meal plans or even silly notes like ways we can save money when we have children. My novel is littered with scribbled-on scraps of paper. I took a few minutes to read while waiting on my ride to Bible study and instead of reading my novel I was distracted by all of the tiny notes and I read them instead! Not so relaxing.

Thankfully I have this time right now. This doesn't feel particularly relaxing, but that's probably because I'm blogging about not being relaxed. So, I have eaten a bowl of Special K Chocolate Delight (amazing) and put on George Winston's "Summer" album and here I am, blogging away and attempting to keep my head above water. When I'm done with this post I will lay out my workout clothes so that I can sleep in as long as possible and then I will crawl under the covers, read some 1 Corinthians and maybe a chapter of my novel, snuggle with Andy and hopefully have a solid night's sleep. Aaaand that sounds so good that I'm going to stop right here.