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simple salmon dinner

Laura R.1 Comment
On Monday night I made coconut crusted salmon, mashed cauliflower and fresh green beans tossed with garlic powder and parmesan cheese.
It was a super simple dinner that took under 30 minutes to prepare.
First, I set two pots of water on the stove to boil and set the oven to 475. While the water boiled I took out the salmon and set up everything I would need for the dinner on the counter: coconut flakes, panko crumbs, garlic salt, salt and pepper, lime juice, parmesan cheese, milk, butter and sour cream. Then I chopped up a couple large heads of cauliflower and snapped the ends off the green beans. I put each veg in boiling water and though I tried to time each, I ended up just checking the softness of each with a fork every few minutes. While the veggies boiled I coated the top of the salmon with lemon juice and spread a mixture of coconut flakes, panko, and S&P on top of the lemon juice. The recipe I used said to bake the salmon for 15-17 minutes, but I was baking a large fillet and it took a couple minutes longer. You'll know it's done when the salmon flakes easily (check the thickest part). Once the cauliflower was tender enough for a fork to easily cut through it, I drained the water and put the cauliflower back into the pan and turned down the heat down to low. I poured in 1/3 cup milk, two tablespoons of butter and sour cream, and a generous pinch of salt and pepper. I used my immersion blender (you can use a hand mixer or a potato masher, or whatever you use for mashing potatoes) to mash the cauliflower and blend it with the other ingredients. Basically, prepare the cauliflower the same way you would your mashed potatoes. I left the mashed cauliflower on low heat to keep it warm and then moved on to draining the green beans. At this point my salmon was done, but I like my food to stay hot so I turned the oven to 200 degrees. I kept the green beans in the colander after draining them and drizzled them with olive oil, then I sprinkled garlic salt and parm cheese on top and shook the colander gently until the beans were coated. Andy likes pepper on everything, so I added a bit of that as well.

That's it! Unless you aren't paying attention to the done-ness of your fish and veggies, this is a hard meal to mess up. If you're worried about over-seasoning, start small and taste the dish until you're satisfied.
Good luck!