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foreword: the engine on andy's car completely overheated on wednesday night. we have to get a second car. this was our last month paying off student loans, so this was both good timing and bad timing. also, I leave for TN on monday, andy has very little time off right now, and I need a car by the 28th which is when I go back to work.

8ish: move from bed to couch where I sleep peacefully until
9: andy comes downstairs and laughs at my curled-up-ness. I make muffins and we discuss cars. andy gets overwhelmed and angry because this has been the worst week ever for him at work, and he doesn't want to spend his much-needed down time before another long day at work talking about a car he wishes we didn't have to buy. he takes his muffins and coffee and goes upstairs to cool down. I feel torn because a part of me wants to give him massages and kisses and make it better, yet the other part of me is realistic and knows we have to get the car figured out ASAP.
9:40: andy apologizes for his crankies and pulls me to my feet for a big bear hug. we watch the two SNL videos that are on the previous post.
10: we arrive at the Toyota dealership and test drive the model we had researched online
11:30: we get home and freak out about how much we liked the vehicle, then do more online research
12:25: andy and I stand in the doorway to kiss goodbye and he smiles at me and says, "God is good. I'm getting excited about having a new car, and I'm realizing more and more how awesome it is that we won't be paying two loans at the same time." He leaves for work. I fall in love with him a million times over.

Now it is 2:34, and since then I have made pizza dough for strombolis, chatted with K Stoops for a while when she brought over pics for me to edit, found a show on hulu that I'm dying to watch and cleaned the kitchen. Oh, and I've also looked at the car a million times online. :)