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Jeanette Walls and Alexandra Fuller are two authors I would love to meet. I recently read Half Broke Horses by Walls (incredible) and I finally got a copy of her memoir The Glass Castle, so I plan on starting that tonight. I've read all three of Fuller's books and loved each of them, but my favorite was Don't Let's Go To the Dog's Tonight- my top rated read of 2008. I've re-read it since then, but already want to read it for a third time.

Read their books. Tell me what you think.

Also, one thing that continually brings joy to my life: being a Barnes and Noble member has always been worth the money for me, but now they offer members FREE shipping. I just ordered three bargain books (total w/ tax was $8.37!!) which means I better read The Glass Castle and finish Let Me Be a Woman by Elizabeth Elliott before the start of next week! Life is hard.