Laura Rennie

summertime and the dinners are goood

Laura R.1 Comment

Tonight I'm serving pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob with herb butter, baked beans and watermelon. Ahh. As suggested by my friend Amber, I slow cooked pork shoulder (Boston Butt was the cut I bought) in 18oz of root beer. When I got home from work I added a few squirts of Sweet Baby Ray's and walked the dog and checked email. Then I shredded the pork, added a little extra bbq sauce and placed it between Martin's potato buns-- my favorite!

I made the herb butter on a whim. Every food magazine I've read lately has a recipe for corn with herb butter, so I've been thinking and salivating over it for quite some time. I used a few tablespoons of room temp butter, some chopped fresh basil, a smidge of garlic and salt and pepper. Delish.

We called Jackie and Kevin at the last minute to come help us eat all the food. It was a great impromptu dinner party and perfect for summer.

below is a pic of the pork sloooowly cooking away. it's red due to the flash.