Laura Rennie

a success

Laura R.Comment
My close friend Becca visited from Charlottesville last night and stayed over. Yesterday we ate ice cream at Klines, realized we were still starving and split a meal at Chick-fil-A and rented "It's Complicated." Today we made parfaits for breakfast and then went shopping with a few goals in mind: I wanted to get a new knick-knack for the house and Becca was looking for a graduation gift for her sister and a basil plant for herself. We went to the farmer's market and a few shops downtown, then drove to Bridgewater and came back down 42 to hit my favorite shop in Dayton, The Cottage. By then we had each found what we were looking for. I got an adorable small cream colored antique fan with light brown blades, she got her basil and a gorgeous silver bracelet for her sister.

We lunched at Union Station in town and shared nachos and a chicken sandwich. The nachos were hands down the best I've ever had-- chorizo sausage, red beans, corn, mixed cheeses, tomatoes and peppers.

After lunch we ran to Wal Mart and Bed Bath and Beyond for a few things. By the time we got home our feet were screaming. We soaked them in hot water with minty bubble bath and painted our toes. For dinner we made steak, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes, and for dessert we had brownie sundaes.

The best part about hanging out with an old friend is the way conversation happens effortlessly. As much as my friends and I enjoy exploring the areas where we live, we are just as happy to curl up on a couch with coffee and simply catch up. We try on each other's clothes and shoes, tease each other about things we did when we were younger and laugh constantly, but we also ask each other the hard, honest questions and give each other straightforward advice.

Every visit with an old friend is a blessing, a treasure.

Definitely a successful day(s).