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goodbye 2358

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Today Andy locked our keys and our last check in our first home, pictured here. I don't know why, but for some reason the fact that we lived in that house for two years amazes me more than the fact that we've been married the same amount of time. I remember watching the rooms evolve as furniture, art and knick knacks accumulated and were re-arranged. Now the same evolution is occurring in our new home. I'm nesting.

Here is my advice on budget friendly nesting: look at Ross and TJ Maxx and similar stores before hitting up wherever it is you like to shop. In my case I'd ideally own all of Crate and Barrel's merchandise, but then I'd be in debt. So, thank you discount stores. I have done quite a bit of comparison shopping as well, and here's the thing about that: it's completely worth it if your desire is to save money. Returns are worth it when you realize how much you're getting back.

I have picked up quite a lot of new things for the new place, but my favorite updates would be to our living room. I found a gorgeous blue 5x8 rug which provides me aesthetic pleasure and gives my poor dog a rest from the hardwood floors. I finally bought a slipcover for one of our sofas (previously a dated navy w/ white dots) and bought 5 throw pillows, 4 of which reside on the newly covered couch and one of which I impulse bought because it's snuggly and I'm not sure where I'm going to put it. I may just strap it to my head for life.

Life is good down the street. I sense that I don't move as easily from room to room (we're in a similar model home as before, but everything is flipped) and I wake up not knowing exactly where I am. Still, we're happy here and I'm in love with my new things and the new changes I've made. Come visit!