Laura Rennie

enduring the wait

Laura R.Comment
Andy has been in Richmond since last Sunday, so it's been just me and the pup all week. Thank goodness for work, sweet friends, Hulu and The Poisonwood Bible! I miss everything (well, almost everything) about my husband, but this time apart has provided time for my mouth to be shut and for my thoughts to air out. I'm a talker, but I appreciate quiet and think it is extremely necessary for everyone to take a moment or a few hours to just BE.

I like myself. I like my daydreams and inner revelations. I like having the time and the solitude to re-discover all that is me.

Tomorrow I will get the house ready and the table set and wait patiently to attack Andy the second he walks through the door. I will allow my thoughts to fill up on him and know that I'm recharged and oh, SO ready to do so.

I can't wait :)