Laura Rennie

a day of rest

Laura R.1 Comment
Andy and I have slept 2 nights in our new place and are beginning to settle in. Most of my books are unpacked, but my entire master closet is still down the street. Priorities, people. It's been an overwhelming and exhausting experience and I am looking forward to the day when art is not leaning against the wall and the dining room table is cleared so I can eat on it. Almost everything has been moved, just not necessarily put in its place. Andy unpacked our pantry items and didn't exactly attempt to organize items or make them accessible. Need rice? Try looking behind the jello.

We still have a good amount of work to do, but after Andy spent all of yesterday wrestling with our new washing machine today was declared a day of rest. We stayed in bed until 10, ate cereal with measuring spoons (forgot to bring the silverware over) and watched "The Soup Nazi," which is on a Seinfeld disc that we thought we had lost but found during the move. Today Andy is golfing with his boss and I am putting my feet up after an afternoon at the grocery store getting meals for the next couple of days. Tonight we'll have almond crusted flounder, sauteed squash and zucchini topped with parmesan cheese and crumbled bacon and maybe some mashed potatoes. Mmmm. I think I need to go clear off the table.

PS. this is day 4 of not having cable. I'm disgusted at myself for having symptoms of withdrawal. Please send any craft ideas, book suggestions or gardening tips my way.