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:( I made the decision to bow out of the NYC trip that Katie Stoops and I planned in January because I'm sick with a strange combo of a cold and stomach bug. I know I made the right choice (riding in a bus for hours when you're sick to your stomach doesn't sound appealing) but I'm crushed to miss out. Thankfully Katie's husband is able to take my place, so at least she won't be alone.

:( I made $0 this week.

:( Casey has been giving Andy the most attention lately. I miss being her favorite.

:( I need to eat and drink a little bit, but nothing appeals to me.

:) My husband has been super sweet all week and either picks me up stuff from work or runs to the store if I need anything. He also has showered me with kisses, which is at times really annoying because I'm all gross and mucus-y but mostly it's cute and endearing. The best is when he comes downstairs and sees me all curled up on the couch and rubs my head and pets my face. He never does this.

:) Even though I have to sleep upright on the couch, I am getting some sleep.

:) The Office is an hour long tonight.

:) BEST OF ALL: Andy and I found a 3 story townhouse that is on our street for two hundred dollars less than what we are currently paying for 2 stories. No pet deposit, fenced in yard, did I mention 3 stories? AND hardwood floors on the main level. The floor plan is very similar to what we currently have. Also super awesome: I will be next door to my friends Lisa and Josh! Our current landlords agreed to letting us end our lease in mid-April so that we could sign an April 2010- April 2011 lease with the new landlord, so we'll be moving in just a few weeks! God is good!

the funniest part will be getting everyone (Casey included) adjusted to living up the street and having to walk up to a different door than we are used to. Casey already goes up to Lisa's door to visit her dog every time we go on a walk, so getting her to go one door over may be interesting.