Laura Rennie

I'm warning you, Etsy.

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"Alfred was obviously underdressed for his induction into the Adventurers Hall of Fame."

I die.

honestly...Etsy needs to stop being so amazing. I can spend hours browsing people's shops and spending loads of money in my head.

The artist's shop includes some incredible street scenes and adorable animal prints. I know I'm buying one but I haven't decided which yet.

This is what you do with your life when your body is glued to a sofa and every time you think "but I feel so much better" you begin coughing up a lung and then fall asleep for hours. And then you wake up and eat toast and watch SNL videos on Hulu. Zach Galifianakis anyone?

I was disappointed by the Oscars last night. I adore Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin and frankly, I expected more from them. I wish they had done the song instead of Neil Patrick Harris, and wish it had been less of a production and more of a cutesy song and dance like last year's Hugh Jackman skit. I did love the silly Nazi references and Ben Stiller's avatar costume. My Netflix list is loaded with Oscar films.

Considering I woke up at 11:40 today, it is now my lunch time. I will eat, shower, walk the dog and make banana chocolate chip muffins. Now that's productivity.