Laura Rennie

I'm exhaustified.

Laura R.3 Comments
except not from being the boy. If you know where that saying is from, kudos to you. You are not a ninny pinny.

I'm exhaustified from my crazy long day. First of all, I had to wake up at EIGHT FIFTY. That's the crack of dawn when your recovering body has been dead asleep until noon. I wore real clothes today. And makeup. I took kiddos to school and went to K Stoops to edit photos and play outside with our dogs until four. Came home and mopped kitchen floor. Then walked around the kitchen with paper towels under my feet. Then sprayed the oven with foamness. WHO AM I??? Then wiped the stove. Then dismembered the stove top stuff. Then vacuumed under the stuff. Then made paninis for dinner, which we like to call "nini's," pronounced "knee knees." Then did dishes. Then tried scrubbing stove stuff (grates and drip pans in case you're wondering), then went to the store and bought ammonia and got carried away and bought an eyebrow kit and cuticle cream and a few handy travel sized items which are very hard to resist because anything tiny is hard to resist. Then put stove stuff in a bag with ammonia and started watching Inglorious Basterds (yes, with an e) but Andy fell asleep at 8:45 which was cute (he had a big day at work and was up at 3am) and he went to bed and I tried scrubbing stove stuff again and then tried scrubbing out the oven but that got really gross and then I put some cake on a plate and now I'm blogging and eyeing my cake and trying to pay better attention to Jim Gaffigan because I wuv him.


Hottt pockeettt. Calienteee pockeett.
I think I'm gonna go stick my head in the microwave.