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home (the springfield one)

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I'm in Springfield tonight and as much as I miss Andy and Casey, I'm happy to be right where I am. My parent's house has changed since I lived here. New paint, new appliances, new decorations, new landscaping, new furniture. My room, like my sister's and brother's before me, is now stripped of my belongings and is a guest room. I don't even sleep there anymore- I prefer the lack of natural light in my sister's old room because I can sleep in later. Yet despite all the changes, it's still home and one of the most cozy places I know. Cheese bagels and coffee, reading the paper on the couch in the kitchen- life is good.

I came into town last night. My friend Laurel, who I've shared secrets and giggles with since middle school, is visiting on her spring break and after spending Sunday in Harrisonburg we drove to Charlottesville Monday morning, had lunch and shopped around and drove 29 up to Springfield to see our families. My mom was out speaking to a women's group about her business, so my dad and I had a date. He took me to a new Thai place down the street where I had a very yummy honey roasted duck dish w/ jasmine rice.

Today my mom treated me to a pedicure and we rented "Precious." Phew...that was a tough movie to watch. Absolutely worth seeing, though. We took my grandpa's wife Barbara to dinner at Carlyle, which I've mentioned before is our favorite restaurant. It was a beautiful evening and as always, the food was superb. Andy will be extra jealous when I tell him I ordered his favorite entree- the pecan crusted trout. I drove Barbara into Old Town b/c she parked at Becker Electric, and it was such fun to drive down King Street and pass the colorful townhouses that have been converted into restaurants and shops. It was nice to spend time with Barbara and share memories with her (my grandpa recently passed away). Next time I'm in town I hope to visit their house and go through old photographs with her. I'm a sucker for family history.

It's good to be here.