Laura Rennie

a good excuse to go to Staples

Laura R.1 Comment
When I got engaged I desperately wanted a wedding planner (in the form of a book). My mom warned me that I would never use it. She was right.

What I did use was a plain white 1/4 inch binder stocked with clear page sleeves. I went through my stack of bridal, fitness and cooking magazines and ripped out anything that I found inspiring or helpful. This included a sample registry printed from Bed Bath and Beyond, ab workouts, examples of wedding hairstyles and makeup, a laundry guide and quick dinner ideas. I also stuck in cards from my bridal showers and mementos from my bachelorette vacation.

Now I can not only go back and look at what interested me in 2007/2008, I can also trash what I don't need anymore and add more relevant items. The great thing about page sleeves is you can put in whatever you want- calendars, menu plans, paint chips, invitations, etc.