Laura Rennie

whoop dee do

Laura R.Comment
I quit my nannying job on Tuesday night. Yowzerz. It was the first time I've ever left a family and I couldn't be honest and say WELL MAYBE IF YOU DIDNT ARGUE ABOUT MY PAYCHECK EVERY WEEK but instead I said "I'm going to miss you, I love your family" and then I sobbed like a four year old for a good ten minutes straight. It was incredibly awkward. I know the crying came from all of the stress that I've had pent up for the last six months that I've been with this fam, but at least it came across like I was just sad to leave.

And the worst part of it was the mom had offered me a chocolate from her Valentines Russell Stover's right before the tears started, so as I'm crying I'm taking tiny bites of my truffle. I didn't even get to savor it. Later I LOL'd about the absurdity of it all.