Laura Rennie

me vs the shower curtain

Laura R.Comment
I got a new shower curtain liner. This was a difficult decision for me. I hate the nasty that has creeped all over our the bottom of our current liner, but I REALLY hate the nasty involved in changing shower curtain liners.

I climbed into the shower and wrestled with our crappy plastic shower rings until all that was left was a lonely rod and proceeded to attach my brand new metal hook-like shower rings to the rod and the new liner. Success...UNTIL I triumphantly whisked the liner aside in glee and was met with a screeeeeching sound similar to nails on a chalkboard.

Metal shower hooks and a metal rod do NOT work well together.

I painstakingly took down each metal hook and reattached each plastic ring and slumped over in relief at the normal quiet-ish screech of a whisked-aside shower curtain.

Gosh DARN it my daily life is compelling.