Laura Rennie

wall decor ideas

Laura R.Comment

Images from stylefiles and martha stewart.

1. I love the fresh, clean lines in this home office, especially the grouping of pictures placed on white shelves
2. The rustic wooden table paired with the bright orange patio chair make for a whimsical work space
3. This statement wall of oversized frames dwarf the desk and chair. Stunning!
4. I never thought potholders could look modern and chic!
5. Similar to #1 in the simplicity and double shelving, but what I really love is how the black frames compliment the soft yet masculine bedding. I never thought I would find black in a master bedroom so appealing.
6. The next three are entry way ideas. As you can see, I'm a big fan of using framed pictures for wall decor. This picture shows that excessiveness should be limited. I think a pair of shoes on the bench would be quite cute.
7. Love how much storage this entry way offers without taking up floor space!
8. I like the color scheme here, but it's clearly contrived. How many people own blue and peach boots? The best part is the organization that four separate yet connected corkboards offer.
9. These are six different clipboards that have been covered in paper (wallpaper, scrapbook paper- both work) to create eye candy for a small work area. I could see someone wrapping gifts or writing notes on this desk.