Laura Rennie

thoughts on a rainy day

Laura R.Comment
This has been such a great week. Last Friday I was honored to go wedding dress shopping with one of my dear friends and was blown away by how perfect the dress she chose is for her. I was at my parents house over the weekend and enjoyed having everything done for me! They fixed our favorite salmon dish on Friday night and my mom made mashed cauliflower and green beans to accompany the fish. Mashed cauliflower is prepared like mashed potatoes and has a fantastic texture and taste.

I so wanted to finish my book by Monday and accomplish one of my New Year's resolutions, but I was distracted by magazines all weekend (speaking of which, where the HECK is my Real Simple January issue!?!?). I only have about twenty pages left and I'm planning on knocking them out while the kids are in the tub tonight. I'm reading "The Guinea Pig Diaries" by AJ Jacobs and I'm not loving it as much as his other two books. The best thing about his work is that you're laughing and learning at the same time. For example, I learned of George Washington's list of virtues. My favorite is "shift not yourself in the sight of others." I never thought George Washington would make me giggle.