Laura Rennie

Strangest job assignment ever.

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Today I bought $15 worth of chicken breasts for Jack, my boss Katie's DOG. I teased her that it was like working for Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, but in reality Katie is a lot of fun to work for. And no, she is not a complete freak - Jack has stomach issues and the vet suggested they feed him chicken breasts.

My other assignments made up for the chicken thing. I shopped for bowties, shoes and hairpieces online b/c Katie and her husband are getting pics taken later in the month. This is the second time I've been paid to shop. LOVE IT. Katie is wearing an amazing light pink dress with a thick black asymmetrical strap from The Yellow Button in Harrisonburg, and we bought her a ton of hairpieces from Forever 21 as well as these a-mazing heels. The shoes are described as "a covetable challenge" which I suppose means they are difficult to wear, but why would you tell that to customer?!

I also discussed pricing with a printshop, e-mailed a bride about meeting with her in NYC and helped Katie set up different shots of spices and raw veggies for her assignment for chef Barton Seaver.

Oh yes, we're going to NYC! We're going the first weekend in March, which means I'll be in a state of excitement for several weeks. We will be meeting up with a few brides and a wedding planner, and hopefully getting a tour of the Martha Stewart offices. Any suggestions on where we should eat?