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I Netflix'd the movie "Coming Home," which is based on one of my favorite novels by Rosamunde Pilcher. The acting is pretty lame, but I put up with it because I love the book and I'm sick so I have nothing else to do and Andy was completely zoned in on uploading music to his new ipod. The film is chugging along...two characters walk down to a private cove off the English coast... and BAM! the girl is completely naked and running around on the beach. I shrieked in horror/delight. What on earth?! What kind of a movie is this?! Then, a few scenes later, Emily Mortimer's boob fills up the lower half of the screen. More shrieking.

Our favorite role of Emily's is when she plays Phoebe on 30 Rock, who has avian bone syndrome and says, "Careful, my bones!" Only now we have decided to change the quote to "Careful, my boobs!"