Laura Rennie

finally, a day of rest.

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In the past week I have often signed on to write a new post, but no words have been suitable for all that has been going on. My work didn't seem important enough to write about, and the biggest news- that my Grandpa died last Thursday morning- seemed too important to write about.

Now everything is over and I can try again.

A lot of anticipation and anxiety was spent over traveling to northern VA for the viewing and funeral. I have an absurdly large family, and to add to that friends and business associates and coworkers and even friends of friends...well, you can imagine overwhelming and exhausting it was. Wonderfully touching, but tiring.

A happy change has occured in our family as well. My parents adopted a dog on Saturday and she is the cutest thing. She is a one year old feist/lab mix and is 20-something pounds. We didn't name her until last night, but the decision is final:: Elinor Dashwood, aka "Ellie." We named her after one of our favorite Jane Austen characters. Ellie took to my dog Casey immediately and they are constantly rolling around and chewing on each other's legs and ears. Great entertainment!

I finished both of the Rosamunde Pilcher novels (Wild Mountain Thyme and The Empty House) that I set out to read for the week, and now I'm not sure what to read next. If I want to have read 4 books in 4 weeks then I need to hurry up and get one started!