Laura Rennie

a festivus for the rest of us

Laura R.Comment
Andy and I celebrated Christmas with my parents, sister and brother in law last night. Talk about wrapping paper FRENZY. Andy got an ipod touch and spent the rest of the night in sheer disbelief/joy.
I got these super cute pajama pants *notice the owls* from my sister. She gave me my birthday gift as well- a pedometer and a clutch with (guess?) owls! more bird things!!! This picture also shows off my birthday watch from Andy. My parents spoiled us like crazy as always and I'm excited for all the reading and cute clothes wearing that I'll be doing this year. I had a yummy lunch at PF Changs w/ Eileen and spent the rest of the afternoon fighting the masses at Tysons Corner. It was ugly.
Since I don't get back home until Sunday afternoon, I will be starting my resolutions on Monday. My whole family, minus Andy, will be starting the Maker's Diet on Monday, which means we have been stuffing our faces with carbs and sugar in anticipation of the upcoming 40 days.
A bird nose-dived into our kitchen window this morning and was rescued by my brother in law, Todd. How cute is this pic?

No, I did not try to keep the bird.