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Breaking news:  I received a part time job yesterday as the new studio manager for Open Air Photography. Katie Stoops, who owns the business, did our wedding photography back in May 2008.

Today was a good day.  I used $23 worth of ECB and coupons at CVS + free eyeliner with BOGO.  My favorite deal of the day: $9.99 contact solution with $9.99 in ECB.  They call that "getting it for free," but it really means you get $9.99 off your next purchase.  After being super successful with my home/beauty shopping, Whitney and I hit up the going-out-of-business sale at Blockbuster and then headed to the Green Valley Book Fair.  

Andy came home yesterday with $15 worth of groceries.  I freaked out a little because I thought we were on the same page with the December budget challenge, but according to him I never said we were spending $16 a week. Oh well.  I still want our goal to be $50 for the last four weeks of December, so we'll just have to spend less next week.

I gotta hand it to him though.  For only $15 he picked up bananas, the most delicious strawberries (which sadly were $4.99), and some extremely discounted meat:  2 packages of turkey meatballs, steak burgers and 2 steaks.