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Christmas meltdown

Laura R.2 Comments
I had a meltdown last night that measured about a 6.7 on the richter scale. See chart for details.
I was beginning to feel the effect of an upcoming monthly cycle and had received about 5 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, yet I was surprisingly chipper and pleasant for Christmas day.  
Then the clock struck 11pm and I LOST IT.  

Andy had just put in his new video game and was getting ready to start playing when I decided that I wanted us to go to bed NOW and while I understood his desire to play he had better get his butt upstairs!  My poor husband. One minute I'm snuggly and flirty and cute in my new Christmas nightgown and the next minute I'm half screaming/half sobbing in a crumple on the bathroom floor.  I said a few things and he said he wasn't going to put up with that and I said I'm sorry can you please just hold me I haven't gotten any sleep and I'm cramping and I just need you to be supportive and he said BUT I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW and I said THIS IS THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER and we sat on the couch and listened to my tears until his arms reached over and pulled me towards him and he kissed my soaking wet face.  It ended up being a lovely Christmas, just as it had been all along minus that pitiful half an hour of absurdity.  

I slept until 10 and had big plans to start the day with a shopping trip to Kohls, but then a huge dollop of Dove shampoo landed in my eye during my shower and the screaming and sobbing started all over again.  I really thought I had gone blind in my right eye and there was no one around to help me.  Somehow I managed to finish my shower and I ran straight back to bed and held a washcloth over my eye and went back to sleep until noon.  

Good news: not blind.  I got my contacts in with minor pain and bought soft black pajama pants and a decorative pillow that I have no use for now but hope to someday.  If you scroll down it's the round one, and isn't it adorable?  

Christmas was wonderful.  On Christmas Eve we saw "Up in the Air," which was fabulous, though rather disconcerting.  Andy and I exchanged our stockings and gifts on Christmas morning and then went to his mom's for the afternoon.  Andy did a great job getting me what I had asked for, as well as one surprise gift: he noticed I had put a book in my cart and hadn't bought it yet, so he got that for me.  Sly one! My favorite gift was 3 bird hooks from UO that I had asked for.  I now own seven "bird things" and my friends think I'm becoming a scary bird lady.  It's not an obsession, I swear!  I like to call it an "interest."  I don't own real birds, so I can't be that creepy...or can I?  One of these days I'll take pics of my bird things and then you can judge me.