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Contentment Challenge Update

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At the beginning of January I committed to a three-month fast from unnecessary spending. I'll be honest — I did not expect it to be as hard as it's been!

Almost immediately after publicly committing to not spending money, I felt the urge to buy anything and everything. After months of not spending on home decor because I simply didn't think about it, guess what? Decorating was all I could think about. Spending money was all I could think about. It didn't help that post after post on social media highlighted items at Target that I l-o-v-e-d. I began wanting to buy clothes for Chloe, even though she has a ton of great hand-me-downs. I started buying groceries online because it was fun to browse and I could justify groceries as a need.

Most people that know me and have gone shopping with me would say I have good self control. And in a way, I do. I don't go crazy with spending. But it's become very apparent that I go crazy with looking. I never saw looking-and-not-buying as a problem before. Now I'm realizing how unhealthy it is! It's a waste of time and energy, and I'm actually embarrassed by how much I've done it.

My Personal Guidelines for January - Check in:

• I will not purchase home decor items (sniffle), books, clothes or accessories for anyone in the family or shoes for myself for three months. I will only buy toiletries and cosmetics that we've actually run out of. - Fail. I bought Chloe three items of clothing and bought myself one top. 

• I will not cross the threshold of any retail store in January unless it is to buy a gift or return something I bought in 2016. (I'm not counting grocery stores or pharmacies.) - Check-ish? I forget I was going to be in a photoshoot and the instructions were to wear something Spring-y, and not wear small prints or stripes. I dare you to find something in my closet that would work. I dashed to Target in a panic to try to find something and was terrified that someone who reads my blog would see me there. Haha! (This is when I bought myself the top.) I'm calling this one an overall success.

• I will continue to receive “play money,” (an amount of cash my husband and I both receive each month for things such as eating out with friends, golf or a pedicure) -- BUT I will put all of my January play money towards paying off my laptop. - Check! 

• I will be ruthless about unfollowing social media accounts that tempt me to compare or judge or make me question if I am missing out. - Check!

My Personal Goals for January — Check in:

• Sell some home items and clothes to put away money for a new dining room chandelier - Fail.. I'm tired of storing things while waiting for them to sell, so everything may end up at Goodwill. Most of my clothes have already been donated.

• Spend time daily reading my Bible — a habit I regretfully have broken — and expressing gratitude for my many blessings - Check! I've missed a day or two here and there, but I'm mostly on track with having morning quiet time. 

• Get back into the habit of doing a yoga workout — preferably three times a week. - I've done just okay on this one. I've been sick a ridiculous amount this month. I'm optimistic! 

• Clear out all areas of the house that have gathered *stuff* and trash, donate, sell or organize! I’ve already taken one load of adult and baby clothes to Faith House and multiple bags of various items to Goodwill, but there’s sadly much more to go through. - Semi check! I still have more *stuff* to go through, but a lot of progress has been made. It feels great. I cleaned out the twin guest room I mentioned in my first post — whoo hoo!

• Read "Grace Not Perfection" by Emily Ley, "Simply Tuesday" by Emily P. Freeman (a book I started ages ago and need to finish) and a daily devotion from "New Morning Mercies" by Paul Tripp. - Semi check! I'm doing my daily devotion and really enjoying it. I have started "Simply Tuesday" and "Grace Not Perfection" just came in for me at the library.

I think the most difficult part of this challenge is that depriving myself of spending has made me think of it even more than I used to. One thing I'm grateful for is that if I just get out of my head and go look inside our closets and drawers, I see proof that we have plenty of clothes! I take a good look at our rooms and see proof that I don't *need* any decorations. I simply have to keep reminding myself that I have enough.

For February, I plan to continue my January goals and guidelines, except for one: I might use my "play" money, but I won't use it on any material thing — I might spend it on a pedicure or dinner with a friend. 

Are you doing the contentment challenge? How is it going for you?