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Dear Chloe (5 months)

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Dear Chloe,

I cried in the car the other day because I was missing you, and I couldn't come straight home from work because I had a doctor's appointment and we needed meatballs from Costco. You squealed and kicked your feet with delight when you saw me come through the door. Girl, you're the CUTEST!

You have the smoothest skin, perfectly-shaped ears and the most precious chipmunk cheeks. Your soft, yummy-smelling hair is growing fast and I can now give you a tiny fountain of a ponytail on the top of your head! I can't get enough of holding you in my arms, kissing you all over and making you smile and laugh. I miss the days when you'd sleep on my chest during every nap. Now you mostly nap in your pack n play, though occasionally we nap together side by side on our backs, holding hands. That's pretty wonderful, too.

So far every month of your life has seemed like the "best month" to me. But then the next month comes, and that's really fun, too! I am trying to keep this in mind when I'm tempted to collapse into a heap of tears just thinking about you turning six months in a matter of weeks. 

Here's what's new:

- You are very distracted by your surroundings. You used to look people in the eye when they would talk to you, but now you gaze off in the distance and look at things like paintings and furniture. You can get away with this behavior now because you're little and cute, but maybe don't do this forever, k?

- Your little hands love to grasp, pull and rake. You rake your hands across your crib sheet, people's shirts and blankets. You like to pull my hair and occasionally get a hold of one of my earrings. You can be a bit rough when you touch faces and have grabbed noses, slapped cheeks and poked people in the eye. Crazy girl! You often grab something from your bassinet right as I start to pick you up. Once you carried something all the way out to the car before I noticed! You just started throwing things, and I'm amazed by the strength in your little arm! I recently noticed your hands exploring the outside of your diaper, and sure enough this morning you pulled one of the tabs on your diaper open. It was a good thing I caught it in time, because there was some nasty business inside! 

- You discovered your feet! They keep you entertained for long amounts of time.

- Your legs are always kicking, especially your left one. You move around on your play mat and in your crib, and I wouldn't be surprised if you're crawling before long. You get so excited when we put you in your jumperoo (yours is an older version of this one) and you bounce and spin and explore all of the different toys. You particularly enjoy toys that make clacking noises or rattling noises.

- You cut your second tooth shortly after your first one came in! Your teeth are ADORABLE. You almost always have two fingers in your mouth. Your tongue is often twisting around and exploring the new development, and you continue to chomp on anything and everything.

- You've now tried both oatmeal and pears. You weren't too sure about the oatmeal — you pushed it out with your tongue — and it gave you diaper rash and an upset tummy. We gave you a week off from food and today, after watching you "chew" (with nothing in your mouth), I decided to see if you would go for some pear. You loved it! You gobbled it up and leaned forward with eagerness. In a few days, or maybe next week, we'll see how you like sweet potato.

- The funniest thing happened a couple weeks ago. I had never had you in the bathroom before while I've gotten ready for the day, but for some reason I decided to pull your rock 'n play into the bathroom so you could keep me company while I did my hair and makeup. I turned on the hair dryer and you nearly shot out of your seat with surprise. You got a confused look on your face and your hands went up and covered your ears! I couldn't believe it and practically fell over from laughing so hard. I confess I had a bit of fun turning my hair dryer on and off just to watch your little hands shoot up to cover your ears. I had never seen a baby do that before! Later that week you covered your ears when a train went by, and again when your daddy let out a loud sneeze. It's just the cutest thing ever. You are such a smart girl!

- You're obsessed with blankets. We keep your bouncer next to our basket of blankets in the living room, and you'll reach your hand out and grab hold of a blanket and pull it towards you. You also adore your lovey — you rub your face in it, pet it and try to eat it. 

- You can feed yourself a bottle if we use a small wide one, but we don't do it too often. I love to feed you!

- You talk and talk and talk! You mostly babble at a normal noise level, but you occasionally experiment with shrieking and yelling. You especially enjoy talking to dogs and you crack up when they play with their bone or ball. You ADORE the baby on the Pamper's box and you smile, coo and chat with him. (Her? I don't know.) 

You continue to be a happy and content baby most of the time. Your smiles never get old! Each one feels like a gift. You're a delight to be around. You laugh every day, multiple times a day. We often start off our jokes by saying "Hey Chloe" and now just hearing those two words makes you giggle.

I love you, little bunny.