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Nursery inspiration for Chloe Mae

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As someone who loves decorating and has always wanted to be a mother, you can imagine I've planned dozens of nurseries in my head over the past decade! I had Pinterest boards set up during both of my pregnancies, and the room we designated as a nursery went from being an exciting place to one of grief and dashed dreams when both pregnancies ended in stillbirth. I eventually made the space my office last August. Happily, my husband and I adopted a baby girl nearly nine weeks ago and now I have a nursery to plan again!

I had one week to prepare for Chloe's birth — yes, you read that right! We then spent the first seven and a half weeks of her life living with my parents in Virginia until receiving permission to take our baby over state lines. We were finally able to bring our girl home a week and a half ago. Guess what was waiting for her in her nursery?

A crib.

That's it!

For now, a crib is all we really need — the rest of the nursery will come together over the summer. It's extremely difficult to plan out a room in your house when you're not actually living there! Still, some things are falling into place.

I decided right away that I wanted a navy accent wall. I LOVED everything about Levi's nursery reveal. It has my favorite colors — blue and green — and wood and brass and plants... swoon! Basically, it's the same idea of my office, except the furniture is for a baby instead of an adult. 

I created a Pinterest board pretty quickly and searched for art and decor ideas whenever I had time, which wasn't often. Still, I managed to come up with a general plan: three white walls, one navy accent wall, a white crib and white IKEA picture ledges for bookshelves. I also knew I wanted to find something to reflect Chloe's first nickname — sweet Georgia peach.

Between my husband's job change and the cost of adoption, I knew I'd have to restrain myself in terms of nursery spending. I unexpectedly received several nursery items as gifts: our crib, a crib mattress, several crib sheets, an area rug and a luxurious glider that I optimistically put on our registry but would have never bought for myself. (A group of my mom's friends who have known me since I was an infant/small child went in on the glider together and gifted it to me. I cried! I can't wait to snuggle up with my girl and read.)

I searched high and low for my dream dresser. I wanted to give Chloe an heirloom piece (like this) that would last her for years and years. The thing with heirloom pieces is that they aren't cheap! I gave myself a max budget of $250 for a dresser, but I wanted to spend less than $200. I ultimately decided to go with a painted dresser I found on Craigslist for $100. I don't normally purchase colorful furniture, so this is a bit out of my comfort zone — but I think it will look really cute in the room! It's the exact shape I was wanting. I plan to either spray paint the handles or change them out, but the dresser color will stay. It's not an heirloom, but it's a fun and affordable piece that will work for now.

Here's a look at some of my pins:


Clockwise from top left: Little Castle glider (can't find a link), IKEA picture ledge shelves, Target floor lamp, art from Society6 (this and this), embroidered peach from Etsy, Craigslist dresser, IKEA clothes storage bin (for the closet), Little Unicorn crib sheet, and fabric from Joann's (for a crib sheet).

I've already purchased (or received) a few of the items above, and I have a few items in my possession that will remain a surprise! I'm trying not to buy anything else until the furniture is all in and I can see where I want to hang things on the wall.

The guys in our small group blessed us by painting the room and setting up our crib! 


How sweet are they?! They did a beautiful job. My first order of business when we arrived home was locating Chloe's bedding and running it through the wash before making up her crib. I adore these "I love you" sheets from Target. (These are really sweet, too.)

I thought it would be hard for me to have so little of her room decorated, but I've been so happy to simply be home that it hasn't bothered me one bit! Of course, I am excited for it to come together over the next month or two. I'll keep you posted!