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Does my post title put Eminem in your head? :)

You're about to see what goes on behind my closed doors. AHHH! I can't believe I'm doing this. I don't like people seeing my mess! For some reason I really can't explain, I thought it would be fun to share with you three closets in my home that need some major work. You wouldn't know it from the pics below, but I'm actually good at organizing. I do a purge every 3-6 months to keep my stuff in check. My last round was sometime last fall, and it's become clear to me that it's time for another! I'm having a yard sale soon, so I have motivation to get going!

I'll be working on these closets over the course of the week and then sharing my tips on how to efficiently weed through items, what to do with the "get rid of" pile and how to organize the items you want to keep. I'm going to do it without spending a dime on storage bins, baskets, cubbies or new hangers. 

Are you ready to see my scary closets?

This closet is in our tiny entryway and houses our coats and shoes and a hodge-podge of other items.


It's the only closet on our main floor (other than our kitchen pantry), but it's got plenty of space. I'm not using this closet well. I've played around with different storage solutions and have yet to land on the right one.

Next up is the closet in our top floor guest room. This one makes me laugh...


It looks as though my closet exploded! This poor sweet room is the most trashed room in the house right now. There are piles of clothes underneath the white duvet waiting to be tagged for a yard sale and the linens and blankets need to be folded and put into zippered bags. We are supposed to be using the closet for out-of-season clothes. What happened?

Lastly, the master bedroom closet. I love this closet. It has plenty of space for our in-season clothes and shoes, as well as space on the top rack for spare storage. (Andy's clothes are to the left.) We store our luggage on the floor as well as a laundry basket.


With the crazy ever-changing weather we've been having, our closet has been housing both winter and summer items. Our clothes are tightly packed and it's hard to find what I'm looking for. I'm excited to get this space back in order! 

Check back later to see the "after" pics and learn my process. What are your favorite tips for keeping your closets under control?